Our core team of consultant assesses a business or organization?s processes and provides software solutions and other recommendations based on that assessment. We may perform this function either as a self-employed individual, or as part of a software consulting firm. A software consultant may integrate customized software into a business or organization?s processes in order to increase efficiency and minimize manpower or costs.

For example, a hotel or fitness center could benefit from the integration of proprietary software which tracks the progress of the gym's members, in the form of measurements and other personalized data. Our software consultant, either individually or as part of a firm, might specialize in the creation of such a software for fitness centers, and pitch the software to various business and organizations within the hotel industry. Businesses and organizations will often hire a software consultant or software consultancy firm on a contract basis, if such software expertise is not already be available in-house. For example, a real estate company that already employs a computer programmer, webmaster, or other information technology (IT) professionals might also hire a software consultant that can create a database of properties customized to suit the company?s information management needs.

The project team, which is typically made up of personnel from both the hirer?s organization and our firm, work together to come up with software solutions that suits the needs of the business or organization. Personnel that will work closely with the software often receive special training during the project, and are heavily-involved in its integration to help familiarize them with its various functions. For example, software can be programmed to analyze patterns in various data, retrieve specific information within a variety of parameters, and eliminate the need for hard copy storage, such as filing rooms and various filing systems. In such a case, the business or organization may no longer require a filing clerk or filing supplies and storage.

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